3 Keys To Impact Others

  1. Stop Believing in “Next Time” [Proverbs 27:1] One of the simplest ways to make an impact is to take every opportunity as a gift from God. God doesn’t promise tomorrow. When we have an opportunity to encourage or show love to someone, God put us in that moment for a reason. Many of […]

5 Years. 5 People. 5 Lessons

The last 5 years have been amazing. I have loved working with student ministry! Here are 5 ┬ástudents who not only have I watched grow into solid young men and women, but who have inspired me to grow deeper in my faith. As I share their story, I will include a lesson I have learned […]

December 7!

(I’m just a few days back on blog entries still, more to come!) First American food in a week!!! The food has been good, but man, the craving for pizza and a burger is real! A wonderful day of ministry. I started out preaching at a local church. It was the English service, but I […]

The Father’s Heart

Day 2 at the Bishop’s guest house! I spent the morning learning some of the processes of the Church of Uganda! Bishop Johnson has guests from another diocese learning some of the ropes and duties of the Bishop. As I waited for the meeting to start, I spent some time with Elizabeth, she is a […]

Amsterdam Layover and God’s Love

First update from the travels! It has been pretty slow traveling, but on the bright side I have enjoyed myself! This layover is frustrating in the sense that I am just ready to get to Entebbe, but there are only a few flights in per day! I haven’t planned out any particular teaching as of […]