The Porn Problem – Parent Guide

What if I told you that 80% of the students in our high school were addicted to Cocaine? Would you understand as to why teachers might be having a difficult time, why pressure to perform is sky high while behavior gets steadily worse? Would you have no doubt into why relationships were always fragmented and […]

Biglife/ Ministry Update

Hi Family! I hope this post finds you well. This spring was an excellent time of growth for me and I feel more committed to the mission of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus than ever. After I went to our Biglife/ Staff Retreat in April, God really was moving me to de-commit from pretty much […]

Twelve Men I’m Thankful For

I want to share a thank you to a few men that have impacted my walk with God and helped to shape my life.  Some of these guys I am still very close with, others, I haven’t talked to in years! There impact on my life has been profound, but I will share a short […]

Partnership Part 2

My last blog was on partnership with the Holy Spirit! What a journey that has been! I have loved not only hearing his voice and joining him on mission, but also empowering others to do the same! It is a wild reality, that the God of the Universe actually WANTS to speak to us! Now, […]